Adult Day Training

The Adult Day Training (ADT) program utilizes outcome-based opportunities that explore each person’s strengths as well as their expressed hopes and dreams.  On a daily basis, observations and interactions occur with all participants to ensure the services they receive are person-centered and meet their expectations. The ADT encompasses a wide variety of programs for adults which include Primrose IndustriesDaily Living Skills Training, Therapeutic Activities Program (TAP), behavioral services through the Positive Intervention Program (PIP) and Work Enclaves.

Therapeutic Activity Program (TAP)

The Therapeutic Activity Program (TAP) is another choice for individuals to acquire skills that promote an increase in independent functioning.  Included in these services are the following: a relaxation room which introduces a relaxing and wonderful blend of sights, sounds, textures and aromas; a therapeutic garden for individuals to enjoy and care for; opportunities for learning and enhancing communication, physical management programs, and activities to enable individuals to enjoy a happier, healthier, more independent life.

Behavioral Services (PIP)

The Positive Intervention Program (PIP) is for those who require a higher level of behavioral support and are in need of intensive services.  Individuals who are enrolled in this program receive customized intervention strategies that are designed to facilitate an increase in positive social interaction skills.  A Certified Behavior Analyst along with the direct support staff work closely with each person focusing on the achievement of personal goals while receiving oversight from a consulting Ph.D.

Primrose Industries

The majority of individuals supported through the ADT participate in the Primrose Industries Program, which primarily focuses on subcontract work for companies in the tri-county area.  Trainees are paid a piece rate or hourly wage through a special certificate from the Department of Labor.  Primrose Industries' objective is to increase each person’s employability skills and overall independence, in an effort to enable him or her to secure and sustain a job in the community.

Work Enclaves

Supervised community employment options and training are provided in Work Enclaves (group work opportunities) at work sites.  Participants perform various service contracts, which enable them to develop natural supports and perform valued social roles.  The workers are paid under a certificate through the Department of Labor, which pays according to production and work quality.  The enclaves are considered stepping stones to competitive job placement.  This is especially important in cases where caregiver and/or family members have safety concerns, and benefit from the ease and comfort of a transition program.


Primrose Center provides transportation services to people who have no other reasonable means of transportation to the Adult Day Training program.  The Residential Program also provides transportation to meet the varied needs of the people who live in the homes. 

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